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So, when I realized that I’ve already seen almost every episode of Degrassi… I decided to make wallpaper instead of watching that icky TV… (Although Degrassi is a guilty pleasure, I must say… just don’t tell anyone.)

So, anyway, here is what I came up with… the source pics aren’t mine, I stole them from someone on the Blood Brothers community, but hey, I was at the show that they where taken at (exactly a month ago as of the 11th), that should count for something… right?

Anyway without further ado:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the first one I made, but then my perverted brother told me it looked like something, and ruined it for me. I’m so damned impressionable...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So then I made this...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But wasn’t sure if I liked the font.
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I like the first one- it took me a while to figure out what your brother was talking about :P

I used to watch Degrassi... but now we don't get the N, so I've resorted to watching Pimp My Ride instead ;)
Yeah, my bro is a pervert, which is sad, considering he’s 4 years younger than me.

Haha, thank god I have N… because overtime I watch pimp my ride, I lose a little piece of my already dieing soul.
(You're right, Katherine... That episode with the shag carpet was pretty bad :P)

I love the first one
Thank you. I think im going to put it back on my desktop, no matter what anyone thinks, lol
i went to blood brothers on the 11th...iowa city?

dude, have no shame. degrassi is teh shit.
Holy crap… I looked at your profile and I remember you. You one of Isabella’s friends, no? We went to the same school… I hung around my ex a lot during 5th hour last tri. But yeah, the Blood Brothers show was god.

And as far as degrassi, bah, well, it’s better then pimp my ride and a lot of other shows I could be watching ;) but I must say, it is pretty damn good for its genre.
whoa...hold on. who is this? yeah isabella's pretty much my other half.

and i just read your profile. katamari damacy is THE SEX.
katamari damacy = <3, tho i beat it in a day. :(

But yeah, my name is Tyler. You said hi to me at the show. Isabella kind of introduced us... but the crowd split us up so there wasn’t much time to talk, lol.
right right...yeah a second after i posted that comment i figured out who you were haha. isabella told me that she had found you on lj, actually. anyways...add me? haha
Not a big fan of the band but the background is cool.
haha, thank you, yeah when I first heard them i want a big fan, but they grew and grew and grew on me.