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1. The Basics
a. Name: Emily
b. Age: Big one-six
c. Where do you live? (Cardboard box, your parent's house, etc.) With the parentals

2. More Interesting
a. Favorite bands: Too vast to list
b. Favorite movies: Anything Quentin Tarantino
c. Favorite books: More so vast than my musical interests
d. Favorite artists/authors/musicians: David LaChapelle

3. More About You
a. Hobbies: Counting vehicles that pass and guessing what the people within them are thinking
b. Show us some of your artwork!! (Drawings, pictures, poems, anything!)
c. Show us some pictures of yourself.
d. 10 things you love.
1. The first snow fall
2. Windy mornings
3. Cigarettes
4. Cold kitchen floors
5. Laughing about things I heard earlier in the day
6. Smiling people
7. Constantly kind people
8. Gentle noises of calm and quiet
9. Children
10. The warmth that is cast upon me by the things that have the ability to comfort me in panic
e. 10 things you despise.
1. Fear of rejection
2. The current way in which all of humanity seems to speak, dress, act the same
3. Seclusion
4. Being stared at
5. Unstable moods
6. The state of popular music within the past year
7. Indifference
8. Overly warm weather
9. Loneliness
10. My current state of mind
f. How did you find us? The creator of this community was on a previous LJ of mine

4. Feel free to type anything specific about yourself (interests, anything that we didn't ask, etc.) right here: I do everything in my power to keep people from harm, whether it be emotional or physical. Once a person and myself are friends, we always are.
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