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It's okay, you can call me a newbie if you want.

1. The Basics
a. Name: Stephanie
b. Age: 20
c. Where do you live? In hell. Or that's what I call it anyway.

2. More Interesting
a. Favorite bands: ABBA/AFI/Blondie/Foo Fighters/Green Day/No Doubt/The All-American Rejects/The Ramones and a lot more.
b. Favorite movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's/Edward Scissorhands/Gone With the Wind/The Royal Tenenbaums
c. Favorite books: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass/Harry Potter/His Dark Materials/The Lovely Bones/Mirror Mirror/White Oleander and plenty others.
d. Favorite artists/authors/musicians: Kandinsky/Pollock/Max, Lewis Carroll/Stephen King/Lemony Snicket, James Blunt/Michelle Branch/Madonna. To name a few.

3. More About You
a. Hobbies: "arting" (drawing/painting/sculpting/writing; anything pertaining to art), reading, traveling, climbing trees, skateboarding and driving really fast.
b. Show us some of your artwork!!

c. Show us some pictures of yourself. Le Sigh. Well, if I HAVE to.

d. 10 things you love.
1. My animals (one cat and two dogs)
2. My family
3. My car (a red 88' Camaro)
4. the sound and smell of rain
5. maps
6. Barnes & Noble
7. city lights at night
8. the color pink
9. red bull
10. Lysol
e. 10 things you despise.
1. flies
2. technology
3. President Bush
4. stupid/ignorant/close-minded people
5. slow drivers
6. Maroon 5
7. the book Sophie's World
8. public bathrooms
9. telemarketers
10. Angelina Jolie
f. How did you find us? an interest search

4. Feel free to type anything specific about yourself (interests, anything that we didn't ask, etc.) right here: Expect an overflow of art from me!

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