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1. The Basics
a. Name: nay
b. Age: 18
c. Where do you live? (Cardboard box, your parent's house, etc.) between a dorm in miami and a house in atlanta.

2. More Interesting
a. Favorite bands: too many. a lot are underground, reggae n dancehall, drum n bass, jazz..
b. Favorite movies: guess who, constantine, memoirs of a geisha, matrix, malcom x, shrek..
c. Favorite books: too many.
d. Favorite artists/authors/musicians: I don't take favorites.

3. More About You
a. Hobbies: photography, soccer, fencing, poetry, horse back riding, drawing, music critic, hanging out.
b. Show us some of your artwork!! (Drawings, pictures, poems, anything!)
c. Show us some pictures of yourself.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
d. 10 things you love. my city, retro clothing, music, art, comedy, crazy friends, nature, machines, chance, sports.
e. 10 things you despise. stupid sitcoms. government propaganda. certain types of people; people who judge, have arrogance, ego with no reason, god i hate jealous people, people who start trouble for themselves, selfish people, indifferent-towards-others-wellbeing people.
f. How did you find us? friends page.

4. Feel free to type anything specific about yourself (interests, anything that we didn't ask, etc.) right here: i love remixes. are you a dj? hook me up. got myspace? i'll help promote underground beats.
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